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Cultural symposium for Dr. Omid in Sharjah for Ahmadi Khani and Geladt Badrakhan


Invites the community of Kurdish in the UAE to attend a lecture by Dr. Omid under the title "Mir Geladt Badrakhan extension and continuation of the philosophy AhmadiKhani," which lists where a glimpse of the lives of Ahmadi Khani "poetry andphilosophy", to mention after that to talk about the life of Mir Geladt Badrakhan, whichhe considers an extension of the path of Ahmadi Khani.

  And that in time of 8.30 pm on Thursday, 16.06.2011 at Al Bustan Beach HotelSharjah.

  Of science that Dr. Omid resident in Russia and holds a doctorate in neurologicalsurgery and orthopedic surgery in the jurisdiction of the nerve, first aid and intensive care