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Read Heart,Kurdish Movie in 5th Film Festival - Dubai








Director Halkawt Mustafa says making Red Heart was a challenge, but he's excited about it screening in Dubai

Every day tabloid! brings you snippets from the ongoing Gulf Film Festival. Today, we interview director Halkawt Mustafa, who is bringing his film Red Heart, a Kurdish romantic drama about two teenagers who must fight to be together against all odds.

 What inspired you to make this film?

Reading a story in a newspaper and a documentary book about some women's stay in prison aroused my interest. It was only an initial idea. When the movie scenario was finished, it was very different from what the idea was at the beginning.

 What challenges did you face while filming it?

We had some difficulties because of all the different nationalities, Norwegians, Iraqis, Iranians working together. The first week of filming no one understood each other. People were speaking different languages and working in various ways. Another problem that cropped up was the husband of the actress. We had to change several scenes because of him reacting to filming situations. It took several hours to calm him down so we could start filming again. That delayed the filming.

 What was your purpose to make this film?

My purpose behind making this movie was to tell a love story between a simple Kurdish girl and boy. I wanted to show the difficulties meeting Kurdish girls or women and in some way show that suicide isn't the only way of getting rid of the problems but there may be other ways, like hope and living.

 Where else would you screen your film?

I certainly hope that the movie can be screened everywhere. Until now, the movie has been shown at some national festivals. It's been available at cinemas in some countries and hopefully it will be shown in cinemas in France next month. I have to mention that I'm very excited about the movie's release in Dubai for the first time.

 Since commercial cinema is an easier way to success and fame why did you choose this theme for your movie?

About choosing this way of telling the story, I have to admit that I was looking for a way to make the viewers wonder and question while leaving the cinema. I think that's what made the story different and maybe special.