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Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in front of a historical experience…. Kamiran Bedirxan


The Kurdish case, which considered the biggest issue since founding the Turkish Republic till the day. Failur

e to resolve the Kurdish issue will not only create an economical or social problems but will also weaken the regional geopolitical role of Turkey.

In fact, the last Turkish governments have tried over the years to suppress the Kurdish uprisings and deny the existence of the Kurdish people in various ways, but could not satisfy itself nor the Turkish public opinion.

It is notable that In the last twenty years the conflict and battles between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and successive Turkish governments have been increased so much, these were including whiles of truce and battles on the other hand the triumph of the uprising in southern Kurdistan, brought the Kurdish issue in northern Kurdistan in a new turn.

 So, correspondences between Ocalan, and Turkish President Turgut Ozal has occurred in 1993 by Mam Jalal Talabani that time the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) announced a cease-fire from one side to resolve the Kurdish issue in a peaceful manner.

But within a short time, members of the Labor Party of Kurdistan leaded by Zaki (Shamdin Saquic),( who was the operations chief in Bingol province) killed more than 20 unarmed Turkish soldiers and the truce ended and unrests raised in Turkey . Turkish President (Turgut Ozal) assassinated in a doubtful manner .in addition a group of Turks military leaders of Kurdish origins lost their lives. In other statements the both sides did not create the proper environment at the time, especially the Turkish side and a phase of bleeding began again thousands villages have been migrated and burned.

The changes in Turkish governments did not perform any of peaceful solutions , the word peace was used only for electoral propagandas, it was common to say that the road to peace passes from Amed but something else was done.

It is not hide and  for most political observers :the AKP since it became the government leader has made political, material and social changes, on other hand Erdogan, weakened the army’s part  in the politics and the made reforms at the Kurdish issue level, such as opening a Kurdish speaking channel and open the door for teaching the Kurdish language. But the AKP government tried to solve the Kurdish issue by some simple reforms, at the same time they did not stop their political opposition against, not in Turkey nor outside. PKK was considered as a terrorist party….

After authorization the Intelligence chief (Hakki Fidan) by Erdogan to meet the leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) to reach an agreement for a road map to the solution, it was clear that this meeting is not the same as other events

In 2009 in Oslo there was a meeting, followed by a secret meeting between Turkey and PKK. It is notable that the current meetings include some Kurdish forces like the peace and Democratic Party and also some Kurds deputies, as I think that the southern Kurdistan Government will have a great role and as it will be needed………

currently Many headlines related to the Kurdish issue are on discussion it begin with stopping the fighting and  withdrawal of PKK fighters to the qandil Mountains

followed put arms and on side, then to issue a general amnesty and open prisons and return fighters to home as well as secure asylum in Western countries for the party leaders.

Then and after these steps the political solution will be done. The striking thing is that the solution is regional, not international.

From  the Kurdish side there are demands of changing Ocalan case and a general amnesty for PKK members from soldiers to leaders and the averment  on the recognition of Kurdish identity in the Constitution beside some other demands.

A quick look on the both side demands we can see that the Turkish side insist on leaving the arms firstly and escapes from recognition of Kurdish identity while the kurds want an expansive solve and relate their leaving to the arms with this solution

I think that the direct meeting of Turks with Ocalan refers to that they recognized that the Kurdish issue resolving will contribute in increasing the strength of turkey and give her a distinct site and lead to creat a calm environment either inside turkey or outside

In simple words the inside situation is not like that was in Turgut Ozal phase and the AKP government have the important minor keys such as the The prime minister and parliament and also the Military administration role or nationalistic or hidden forces are not as powerful as they were before beside that the meeting are directly occurred with Ocalan in addition to the conviction that kurds demands are not the borders division

On other hand the case in turkey affected from the out by several factors

As the politics that was shouting ( we will tear the terrorists then we will resolve the issue ) has proved its failure.

 over that the delay of the turkey Joining to the European union.

and the most important the was great effecting of the Arabian spring especially in the time of the Kurdish case in Syria is not far to be solved

All of these factors opened the Dialogue door between PKK and Turkey. It is notable that the media language has changed too.

For example: the PKK was mentioned as an enemy while now it is mentioned as an accused.

Of course there are some hands trying to fail the plan in some ways like killing Sakina Jansis with her two friends in Paris.

Because some parts think that the solution of the Kurdish case in turkey will release turkey from her fear of kurds who lives in other parts of kurdistan cause the party has an effect on those regions especially eastern and western Kurdistan.

This is the most difficult phase of the wars phase because the both sides will try to control the other and the gains that have not achieved in a war time will be achieved on the table.

This leads to the creation of some questions,

how will PKK Leave its arms?

Who will ensures that to the Party and to whom will resort?

will the Kurdish people take their rights as much as their sacrifices?

If this peace project achieved will it be considered as a second Turkish republic?

The answer of these questions and more other questions are in PKK and Turkish hands