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  PNA - A severe shortage of rainfall that has lasted more than three years has crippled agriculture in northeastern Syria (Syrian Kurdistan), where residents say conditions are still deteriorating in the absence of economic alternatives and an adequate government response. People's living conditions in the area are dire, said Ahmad al-Salem, an agricultural engineer who lives in a village close to the Kurdish town of Qamishli.  

  evived by great artists: khairo Abbas and Piwan Arzyn great concert on the occasion of New Year's Eve in the city of Sharjah in the UAE with of artists including: Turhan yapshtran, Yusuf alo, Mardan Zariâb    Location: Sharjah, lounge album, of the Women's Union Time: On Thursday, December 31st / December 2010. Note that the concert was one of the Organization Sema Foundation for Culture and Arts and sponsored by a Kurdish group of companies operating in the UAE.  

  Angels Die in the Soil is the story of an Iraqi-Kurdish girl who earns a living for her ill father by selling the bones of Iranian soldiers martyred during the Iran-Iraq war. One day she stumbles on a terrorist incident involving an American soldier on her way back home, and she decides to try to help him.

  Handsome artist Juan Sabri the beautiful sound and ambitious to become a star on the horizon of modern Kurdish song since he has the qualifications to achieve his goals.