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The 14th Kurdish Film Festival will be held in Hamburg between 22-26 November.        The 14th Kurdish Film Festival will be held in Hamburg between 22-26 November with the slogan "A new country". 19 Kurdish films from various parts of Kurdistan and the world will be screened.  

The closing ceremony of the festival was held on 11/04/2023 in Essen, Germany. This period included receiving paintings online, holding dozens of meetings with communicating with Fine artists in order to organize a major event worthy of fine art under the name of Afrin. Welcoming guests began at two o'clock, and more than 1,000 people from the four parts of Kurdistan, different nationalities, and countries attended the ceremony.

The exhibition featured 40 paintings and 20 portraits of Kurdish intellectuals and revolutionaries, painted by Kurdish artist Hemn Hamid.    At the Media Gallery in Erbil, Kurdish and French artists  showcased their first joint exhibition entitled "Paradox."   The exhibition featured 40 paintings and 20 portraits of Kurdish intellectuals and revolutionaries, painted by Kurdish artist Hemn Hamid.  

The Yazidi Advisory Center in the Rhineland-Palatz state parliament building in the German city of Mainz commemorated the ninth anniversary of the crime of genocide committed by the terrorist organization ISIS against the Yazidis on 08/03/2014.

    Exodus is the theme of the 9th edition of the Duhok International Film Festival (FII) in Duhok. And for this purpose during the festival days, displaced people and refugees will have a chance to see selected films in a hall in the Domiz, south of the province.  

  “Neighbours,” the story of a Kurdish Syrian border village where Arabic and Jewish families find themselves pitted against each other but still manage to thwart authoritarian madness, is more than a personal story to writer-director Mano Khalil.   The feature, shot on authentic locations with accurate dialects from the region and its 1980s setting, is screening in the Camerimage Film Festival director debut section – after a decades-long development process. The cinematographer on the film was Stéphane Kuthy.

The translator of a new edition of the classic Kurdish love story, Mem and Zin, hopes the saga will cement Kurds’ place in world literature.  Mem and Zin is the tragic 17th century tale of lovers from different clans who meet a tragic end after their families deny their love. They were buried next to each other in Cizre, modern day Turkey.  A tale of love and betrayal, it has been dubbed a Kurdish Romeo and Juliet. Author Ahmad Khani, a beloved Kurdish poet and philosopher, died in 1707.

Sulaymani International Film Festival ended with distributing prizes for the winning films 7 days after the opening of the festival with the attendance of technicians and a large audience.  The festival was attended by 170 films from 62 countries.   Best Screenplay/Screenwriter goes to Atta Hama Saleh in “Masti Film Company” Best Short Film goes to Artist Tariq Tawfiq for "Unknown Steps"  Best long film goes “The Pink House” film

The first Kurdish Tanbur Festival was kicked off on Monday in Iranian Kurdistan’s Kermanshah Province. Attended by nearly 70 famous musicians, among them dozens of Kurdish Yarsans, the event is being held in Banzalan village of Dalaho district. Well-known Kurdish artists Shahram Nazeri and Keyhan Kalhor will also perform at the festival.

Kenney Auditorium, 1740 Massachusetts Ave NW, 20036 Washington, D.C. REGISTER NOW   Agenda Welcome Remarks: Sasha Toperich, CTR-SAIS Senior Fellow, Director of the Mediterranean Basin Initiative   Panelists Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, KRG Representative to the United States

The festival opening, happening on September 9, 2017, will feature the MENA premiere of the film Zer by Kurdish director Kazim OZ.

The Author House publishes Sinful Words in a country where English speaks about five hundred more television, radios and newspapers. Hesenê Metê translated a book titled Dr. Dr. Sabahat Karaduman, the rhetoric, went out with British students. Roman and Turkish translation have also been translated.

    Haitham Hussein‘s latest novel, A Weed in Paradise (July 2017 Masciliana Editions), traces the footprints of the Kurds who fled their towns and villages in the north of Syria for the suburbs of the capital Damascus after the 2004 Qamishli uprising, which resulted in dozens of dead and thousands in prison:

  This is an anthology of Kurdish contemporary poetry, which is rare in the sense that there have not been many similar attempts before. It is a general introduction to the contemporary Kurdish poetry and its unique features, which may not be familiar to English readers. 

  Vecdi Erbay Etimesgut subprefect Cumali Atilla who had been appointed as kayyım [*] to Diyarbakır in November 2016 had de facto shut down the City Theater by not renewing the agreements of the 31 actors/actresses of the theater. In the time being, the actors/actresses of Diyarbakır City Theater weren’t able to perform the plays that they’d prepared for the new season. They also went through hard times economically.

in the interest of building cultural bridges through poetry the INNER CHILD Foundation PRESS  to publish a statement and reached the site Smakord copy of the poets of the Kurds in Western Kurdistan appeals to send their poems to the institution within a specified period of time for their anthology printed on the form. Dear Poets, We are looking for Kurdish poems from Rojava/North Syria that will be published in the Anthology of Kurdish Poetry by Inner Child Press. Send us as a Word attachment

 The first book about Kurdish traditional food in English language was exhibited at the international Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 by a Kurdish woman.

On Friday, September 16th The 4th edition of Duhok  turned off its large screens with the announcement of the festival’s awards. Once again Duhok city witnessed the biggest cultural event in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. More than thousand people attended at the closing ceremony when two Kurdish films topped the awards, Ahu Ozturk’s “Dust Cloth” and “Rauf” by Baris Kaya and Soner Caner.

 TIONS EDITOR: Anita Burdett DATE PUBLISHED: January 2016 AVAILABILITY: Not yet published - available from January 2016 FORMAT: Multiple copy pack ISBN: 9781840973259  

  A Kurdish girl from the city of Kirkuk has become the first miss Iraq since 1972.  The jury chose Shaymaa Abdelrahman, a tall, green-eyed 20-year-old from Iraq's multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk.  The decision was popular with those in attendance, especially in the back rows, where young men with hipster beards and tight blazers had been standing on their chairs shouting her name.

  The ninth London Kurdish Film Festival kicks off on Friday, with a comprehensive programme of features, short films and documentaries. The festival will open with a screening of Iraq's Oscar submission for 2016, Shawkat Amin Korki’s “Memories On Stone”. Eight other films, including the award winning “Song of My Mother” by Erol Mintaş, will tackle subjects as diverse as religion in the region, incarceration, family and the recent struggles of Kurdish people.

  Sahim Omar Kalifa’s Bad Hunter is one of the 10 films shortlisted for the upcoming Oscars in the category of Best Live Action Short. On January 14, five nominees will be announced and on February 28 the award ceremony will be held. Bad Hunter, directed by the Belgian-Kurdish director was chosen by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences among 144 qualifying short films.

      Released in October, Nothing but Soot is Sirwan Kajjo’s debut novel. He is a Syrian Kurd based in Washington DC. Kajjo, like his main character, Kawa, has a journalist background and this is his first creative work. It is one of the few Kurdish novels written in English. Nothing but Soot is an entertaining coming-of-age novel that follows the story of Kawa as he grows up in the persecuted streets of Amude, drops out of high school and moves to Beirut, eventually embarking on a journey to America.

  Duhok International Film Festival (IFF) kicked off at Duhok University’s Congress Hall Wednesday in the presence of a large audience.   The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Nechirvan Barzani opened the event that was followed by screening the Kurdish feature film Memories on Stone by Shawkat Ameen Kurdi.